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PDF OLARAK OKUYUN: Residency Permit Blog Post

I. What is the Residence Permit in Turkish Law System?

According the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458 there are six types of residence permit which is mandatory to be issued in order to foreigners who has the purpose of staying in Turkey, could be entitled to be setteled in Turkey for a given period of time. These types are: Short-Term Residence Permit, Family Residence Permit, Student Residence Permit, Long Term Residence Permit, Humanitarian Residence Permit And Residence Permit For Victims Of Human Trafficking. Each of these shall lay down distinguishing conditions. This blog post will examine Short-Term Residence Permit specifically in a general framework.

II. How To Apply To Short-Term Residence Permit?

The Articles 31-33 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, No: 6458 regulates how foreigners can obtain a short-term residence permit in Turkey. Since the residence permit is obligatory for foreigners who want to stay in Turkey for more than the allowed time of visa, visa exemption or ninety days shall follow the procedure that the Law stipulates. Initially the request and application by the foreigner together with the requested documents providing that s/he fulfils the related conditions shall be made through the e-residence system. As the Law stated that the residence permit document granted by competent authorities. Foreigners who completed their applications should be present at the provincial/district migration management directorates in the province they want to live in on the day of appointment determined by the system. Foreigners who are not present at the provincial/district migration management directorates on the day of appointment without a valid reason are deemed to have not applied at all. As a rule, residence permit extension applications shall be done according to the same principles. Also, the foreigners can reach information from Articles 28 and 29 of the Regulation for Implementation of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection.

III. Who Can Apply To Short-Term Residence Permit?

Foreigners who can apply to short term residence permit will be listed.

  1. Foreigners who will conduct a scientific search in Turkey can apply residence permit. Foreigners who will conduct research that subject to a permission, must obtain a license from relevant organizations and institutions. If the research is not subject to a permission, foreigners must obtain visa for the scientific purposes.
  2. Foreigners who have immovable property in Turkey. The immovable property must be a house and used for this purpose. If the house is shared or cooperated property that covers the family members, also family members will also have residence permit. The persons who must be understood from the family members should be the spouse of the applicant and their minor children.
  3. Foreigners who will establish a business or have commercial connections in Turkey. If the foreigner applies a residence permit with a duration of more than 3 months, foreigner should have an invitation letter or similar documents from the companies that is connected with them.
  4. Foreigners who will attend to job training programmes. The duration of the resident permit is determined based on the content, subjects and location of the programme.
  5. Foreigners who are coming to Turkey within the framework of agreements to which Turkey is a party or student exchange programmes. Foreigners must obtain documents from relevant institutions. The duration of the residence permit cannot exceed the time of the education or different purposes. The exchange students must have health insurance. The ones who registered the Social Security Institution (SGK) within the three months from the date of enrollment, do not need an extra health insurance. However, student who do not apply the Social Security Institution (SGK), must have a private health policy.
  6. Foreigners who are coming to Turkey for tourism purposes. Foreigners must have documents that contains the information of where they will stay, how long they will stay etc.
  7. Foreigners who intend to receive a medical treatment, provided that they do not have one of the diseases that can be considered as a threat to public health. Foreigners should have health insurance, if they do not have health insurance, they must have a document of payment for all treatment costs.
  8. Foreigners that are coming to Turkey upon the requests of judicial and administrative authorities.
  9. Foreigners who transfer from a family residence permit
  10. Foreigners who will attend Turkish language course. This permission can be granted a maximum of two times. The duration of the permit cannot exceed the duration of the course.
  11. Foreigners who will attend an education, internship or research programme by way of a public agency.
  12. Foreigners who have done their higher education programme. This residence permit cannot be longer than 1 year and it can be given for only one time.
  13. Foreigners who do not work in Turkey but will make an investment in Turkey. Also, their spouses, his and her foreign minor child or foreign dependent child will have residence permit.
  14. Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The residence permit cannot longer than 5 years.


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